Friday, April 11, 2008

Musik i Full Fart [Music at Full Speed]

I usually try to seek out music that doesn't fall within the confines of Top 40 radio. Not that there is anything wrong with that type of music; I grew up on Top 40. But, my musical tastes changed [for the better] in 1979 when I first heard the B-52's. Since then, I have navigated through a multitude of musical genres: from new wave/progressive, industrial, alternative, adult alternative, dance, electronica, ambient, even emo (though not a big fan). Today, my taste in music is broader than most. Eclectic to some. But, always recommended.

I have shared my musical tastes and song lists with a few friends.
But, in the interest of economy, I've decided to expand the reach just a bit. I'm posting new and notable music. Hope you enjoy my selections. And, no, not all are available on iTunes US. Yet. But you can sample on iTunes UK. Song links will take you to a video.

Dance: if you can dance...for inspiration
  • Audio Fraud vs. Peyton - Music in Me [This song is found on Hed Kandi's The Mix 2008. Great reworking of a Kiki Dee chestnut.]
  • Nowak ft. D'Layna - Stand Up (Guitarness Extended Mix) [Also from HK Mix 2008. Feel the disco house vibe.]
  • Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul [He can still get me on the dancefloor, almost 10 years since I danced to U Don't Know Me in Mykonos]
  • Jill Jones - Someone to Jump Up (Function Junction & Korovin Remix) [You will dance to this song. Resistance is futile.]
  • Freaks - Creeps [Get on The Dancefloor] (Vanadalism Vocal Mix) [Another great dancefloor burner]
  • Booty Luv - Mess With My Man (Extended Mix)/Some Kinda Rush (Spencer & Hill Remix) [These girls just keep churning out the dancefloor hits]
  • Moby - Disco Lies/I Love to Move in Here [Disco Lies delivers the goods. I Love? Meh. It started out with so much promise]
  • Eako & Morelly ft. Barbra Evans - You Make Me Crazy (Club Mix) [Been listening to this for a few months. Channeling Dale Bozzio never sounded so good]
  • Kimberley Locke - Band of Gold (Almighty Radio Edit) [You lose your disco card if you don't love this song. Check out the song Change as well, both the regular and Jason Nevins remix versions]
  • Dannii Minogue + Jason Nevins - Touch Me Like That (Radio Edit or Jason Nevins Mix) [more retro-disco goodness]

Adult Alternative: great voices, introspective lyrics, accomplished songwriters apply only
  • Adele - Chasing Pavements [Amy Winehouse without the drugs, drama and beehive]
  • Adele - Make You Feel My Love [Exquisite. And, my comment about Chasing Pavements was a disservice to Adele]
  • Sheryl Crow - Now That You're Gone [Sheryl, vulnerable and defiant. Just the way I like her]
  • Shawn Mullins - All in My Head [Another finely-crafted song of doubt and lament]

Ambient Alternative: sonic sounds to move you into a different time, space, feeling
  • Morcheeba - Blue Chair [The lead singers may change, but their sound remains the same - inviting]
  • Goldfrapp - Road to Nowhere/A&E/Happiness [Step inside this lush soundscape]
  • Madita - September [Love lost, reimagined as a James Bond theme]
  • Sia - Day Too Soon [My favorite love song, or any type of song, from 2007]

Alternative: alterna-who, alterna-what
  • B-52s - Funplex [Fun, danceable music. Check. Holy Crap! They're back. And it's like they were never gone. I'm at the mall on a diet pill!]
  • Gnarls Barkley - Run [Can a song be too retro cool for its own good and still be great? This song gets my vote]

Pop: from both sides of the pond, but with a preference for europop
  • Kylie Minogue - 2 Hearts [Vampy, seductive fun. I'm in love. Wooooh!]
  • Enrique Iglesias - Tired of Being Sorry [Muy, get the idea]
  • Sarah Bareilles - Bottle it Up [Yeah, she's everyone's darling. But this song is catchy. In a Jason Mraz kind of way]

Guilty Pleasures: you know you shouldn't like it, but you do
  • Shania Twain - That Don't Impress Me Much (international version) [Recently, heard this on the radio. Always liked it. Just bought it. Shania: she's a little bit country and a whole lotta pop]


taikotari said...

Hey Chris, this is great stuff! Thanks.
Any chance I can share with you something also equally eclectic? I've got pretty good ears for funky traditional music. Let me know if you're interested.

Ren said...

Disco Lies is a good song; the video for it is also most excellent. Hopefully KFC won't complain to Homeland Security about it, but then again it was filmed in Mexico.

Have you listened to Sophie Ellis Bextor?

Another non sequitur: Maybe you should start scrobbling on

Chris and TJ said...

tari- i am always receptive to new music. share away!

ren - yes, i like sophie mucho. ever since hearing her on dj spiller's groovejet. got me started on my retro-disco kick. and, i do have a languishing account at; guess i better fire it back up again.

Ren said... has a new scrobbler. I didn't even know about it for a while until I noticed that my page wasn't updating. Unfortunately the new scrobbler (for PCs) adds another icon to clutter up the system tray.

taikotari said...

OK, try these: Vashti Bunyan, Carlos Nunez, Fanfare Ciocarlia, (if you haven't already) The Chieftains, KODO, and then... let me think of something else for a wee bit.