Thursday, September 24, 2009

Parting Shots [A Dogwalker's Tale]

I was walking the dogs near the Feskek├┤rka (Fish Church) when a woman started talking to (at) me from across the street. Once she switched to English, I realized that she wanted to pet the dogs. She told me how much she loves animals (a lot). Then she proceeded to tell me all about how many pets she had (a lot). She was quite talkative. She must have realized that she was rattling on and paused to explain "I'm a bit drunk." Then, she hugged me and laughed. And promptly ended the conversation by saying she needed to go have a smoke. As she left, she wished me a good life. It was oh-so-very untypically typical Swedish. And such divine randomness too. These are the types of encounters I will miss in Sweden.