Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekender: Medieval Germany

Our weekender was a northern Germany rewind. The original destination was Lüneburg, but hotels were filled up, so we headed back to Lübeck. Both cities retain a charming medieval look with old buildings and narrow streets.

We arrived in Lübeck on a Thursday afternoon and were informed that a special Father's Day celebration was going on in the city. This celebration seemed to involve lots of drinking. People were pulling around small carts and wagons filled with beer. At this point in the day, it was mainly empty beer bottles. Most people were headed home.

Stores were closed as we wandered around old town (innenstadt). So no window shopping opportunities. We stopped at Paulaner's pub and had a pint of the namesake beer. Then on to dinner at a great Turkish restaurant, Ali Baba. We had been to both back in December and heartily recommend them. Note: The images in this post link to my Picasa photo album with all trip photos.

Lüneburg was suggested by a German traveler, Martina, that we met on New Year's Eve in Tenerife. She insisted that we visit Lüneburg rather than go back to Lübeck. And so, I put the city name on a list of places to visit. Five months later and here we are. A most excellent suggestion it was.

TJ is standing in front of the Fish Market (Am Stint) which is also known as the longest pub mile in Lüneburg. I think I elicited one of TJ's best smiles in this photo. Wish I could tell you what I was saying to him to get that reaction. It was something gross...but not dirty.

Kind of odd to have the statue of a creature with horns outside of a church. But, there it was butting right up against St. Mary's Church (Marienkirche) in Lübeck. Naturally, I had TJ take my picture with it. At first, I proclaimed it to be a devil. But looking at it now, it seems more like a satyr. Kinship, nonetheless.

And, finally, this: an advert for a gym in Lübeck. With a photo of some "women" doing step aerobics. Lady Men Fitness. Sounds like a old comedy routine from Saturday Night Live. Pump you up!

For more photos of our trip to Lübeck and Lüneburg, click here.

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