Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lübeck Christmas Markets

Our trip to the Christmas markets in Lübeck, Germany was quite a fun adventure. We drove down, took a short ferry from Denmark to Germany, and arrived in Lübeck in late afternoon. Immediately headed toward city center and found the main Christmas market at Breite Straße (a pedestrian area). It was still early but the crowds were gathering. We picked the only night of the Christmas markets season when all markets and stores would be open until midnight.

So, we walked around and did a bit of window shopping. But, not before TJ had some piping hot glühwein. I had some as well. But, I really liked the spiced apple cider (äpfel punch).

The next day, it snowed. The forecast had called for party sunny skies with temps just above freezing. But the snow was a bonus. It's not something we get a lot in Göteborg. Of course, we did decide to drive into town instead of walking.

What better to do on a cold, snowy day then to head indoors. Which is what we did. Several of the Christmas markets are indoors. The best was the market inside Hospital of the Holy Spirit on Koberg. There was a line to get in. But, it moved. Eventually. The quality of the crafts was better than other markets around town. But, most importantly, there were three older women who were cranking out fresh waffles. Oh. My. God. Those were good. I wanted to get another, but a huge line had formed. How sad...for me.

Of course, at the market at Breite Straße, there were several booths selling small pieces of fried sweet dough covered with powdered sugar. That was a highlight. I have pictures from our little adventure posted online here. Or just select any of the images above to see them.

I end with this little guy. A genie of some sort. A grantor of wishes, perhaps. He oversaw a children's ride at the Christmas market on Koberg. I insisted that we walk back across town so that I could take a picture of him. We were in the process of deciding on a restaurant for dinner. After I "got the shot", we headed back to a Turkish restuarant we had passed. The name: Ali Baba. The meal was excellent. Our wish was granted.

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Ren said...

It looks like the only way the Christmas Market could have been more fun was if the pups were there and got ahold of sausages, running off trailing sausage behind them.... Oh wait, that counts as shenanigans.